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Common file extensions

File Extensions
The Source for File Extensions Information

Extension File type description
1st file icon.1st Usually README.1st text file.
3gp file icon.3gp Multimedia files for wireless networks
7zip file icon.7zip 7z compressed archive file
accdb file icon.accdb The file extension for the new Office Access 2007 database file format.
ace file icon.ace Compressed file archive
amr file icon.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate compressed audio
arj file icon.arj Compressed file archive – ARJ archiver
aspx file icon.aspx ASP.NET script, page
avi file icon.avi Audio Video Interleave movie
bat file icon.bat Batch file (executable)
bik file icon.bik BINK video file
bmp file icon.bmp standard Windows Bitmap image (also OS/2 )
cab file icon.cab Windows Cabinet Compressed Archive
cdr file icon.cdr CorelDRAW vector image
css file icon.css Cascading Style Sheets file
daa file icon.daa PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive file
dat file icon.dat Generally text or binary datafile
dmg file icon.dmg Apple Mac OS X Disk Image File
docx file icon.docx Microsoft Word 2007 XML based document file format
dotm file icon.dotm Word 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Template
dwg file icon.dwg AutoCAD Drawing
eps file icon.eps Adobe Illustrator text and graphics (Encapsulated PostScript)
fil file icon.fil Vault file of AVG antivirus
flac file icon.flac Audio files encoded by Flac – free lossless audio codec
gadget file icon.gadget Windows sidebar gadget file
htm file icon.htm Web page – HTML file
ico file icon.ico Icon file
ini file icon.ini Text configuration file
jar file icon.jar Compressed archive file package for Java classes and data
jpg file icon.jpg JPEG bitmap image file format
lnk file icon.lnk Windows Shortcut
mdb file icon.mdb Microsoft Access database
mds file icon.mds Image file (Media Descriptor File)
mp3 file icon.mp3 Compressed audio, music file
mpg file icon.mpg MPEG 1 video file format
msi file icon.msi Microsoft Windows Installer installation package file
nrg file icon.nrg Nero-Burning Rom (CD-burn image)
otf file icon.otf Open type font file format
php file icon.php PHP script, page
potx file icon.potx PowerPoint 2007 XML Template
ppsm file icon.ppsm PowerPoint 2007 Macro-Enabled XML Show
ppt file icon.ppt Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation file format
prt file icon.prt PTC Pro/Engineer Part file
psd file icon.psd Adobe Photoshop graphics
r00 file icon.r00 RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive
rss file icon.rss Really Simple Syndication – RSS file format
swf file icon.swf ShockWave Flash, Animated vector format for the Internet
sys file icon.sys System file
tar file icon.tar Unix standard Archive format, Tape Archive
tib file icon.tib Acronis TrueImage backup disk image file
tmp file icon.tmp Temporary file
ttf file icon.ttf TrueType Font
uif file icon.uif MagicISO Universal Image Format – UIF file
vxd file icon.vxd Microsoft Windows virtual device driver, 32 bit
wba file icon.wba WindowBlinds Desktop visual style
wma file icon.wma Windows Media Audio
wmv file icon.wmv Windows Media Video
wpl file icon.wpl Windows Media Player Playlist
wri file icon.wri Windows Write Document
xlsm file icon.xlsm Excel 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Workbook
xml file icon.xml XML document
zix file icon.zix WinZix compressed archive file


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